Treatment of apathy in Alzheimer’s disease with Provigil

alzheimers-disease-with-provigilProvigil is a medicine that is used for a lot of diseases. The most common use of this drug is in treating sleep apnea or narcolepsy. It has also been approved by FDA for the treatment of narcolepsy and sleep disorders. Apathy is the most common neuropsychiatric symptom which was reported among individuals with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), affecting approximately 70 % of people in the mild-to-moderate stages and increasing in severity as the illness progresses. Apathy is more common in other dementing illnesses and it may even occur in a considerable number of patients who are suffering from mild cognitive impairment. Apathy is associated with functional caregiver distress and impairment at all levels of disease severity. Let’s see if Provigil can be used to treat apathy in patients with Alzheimer’s or not.

Provigil in treating Apathy

Although the neurobiological basis of apathy remains to be fully elucidated, dysfunction in frontal systems is thought to be important. The best way to determine if taking Provigil will help you treat apathy is by first knowing the type of dementia you are suffering from. Provigil can treat apathy, but to an extent. There are many other treatments that can be used to treat apathy in Alzheimer’s, but Provigil can also be taken along with some other activity. It treats a people’s apathy completely, he/she should be given a direction through which they can discover themselves. But, this is very difficult when the person is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Most of the people seep into apathy the moment they come to know about their Alzheimer’s. But, they should not lose control. They should do their best to keep their own leash in their hands, and try to maintain full body control.

While treating Apathy using Provigil

Provigil can be used to treat apathy in Alzheimer’s, but if used independently it has very little chances of working properly. Anyways, the treatment is worth a shot, and you should try getting it to treat apathy. Apart from this, apathy is a mental condition, and the things are very unpredictable in this department. Anything can happen in your brain. Provigil will alter some chemicals in the brain. This may help you treat apathy, but it is not guaranteed. There are some side effects to its use, but they have been observed in a very small amount of patients. There are many other treatments that can be used to treat your apathy, but popping a Provigil is a good way to treat it too.

Important note

Just keep yourself attached to the dosage of Provigil which is being prescribed to you by your doctor and you will notice some changes after some weeks of Provigil treatment. The main thing to remember is to get authentic Provigil pills while purchasing this drug. Since Provigil drug is used by many people to treat various problems, some online pharmacies sell fake Provigil to people. Hence, it is highly advised by physicians to opt  for reputed Canadian online pharmacies like, which sells authentic FDA approved drugs to people at an affordable price without compromising on the quality of the pills.