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How Can You Use Levitra Effectively In Treating ED?

Levitra is one of the prescription drugs used in treating ED problems in men effectively. This medicine is classified to the drug class “PDE5 inhibitors”. Vardenafil is the generic Levitra which works same as the brand form. It is available in solid forms orange round tablets. As it is a highly effective ED medication the dosage level prescribed to it is minimum of 5mg. You can take this drug before an hour prior to your sexual intercourse.

What is the working mechanism of Levitra? 

This ED medicine works by increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organ of men. The medication starts working after 30 minutes of taking it and the effect last a longer period of about 5 hours.

Important and Safety information about Levitra

Do not use this medicine for ED if you take nitrate drugs or similar nitric medicine it can cause a low blood pressure. Tell your doctor medication that you are previously taking because this can reduce the interaction of medicine which can cause adverse side effects.

How effective is Levitra on ED treatment?

As it is highly effective for Ed treatment, Levitra and its generics comes with a maximum of a dose of 20mg. The commonly prescribed dose for most patients is 10 mg and it can be increased to 20mg or decrease to 5mg based their health condition and side effect. You can use other Levitra doses based on you need. It is taken only once per day. There are several prescription drugs for treating ED problems in men. All these medicines work in similar fashion, however, there would be some small difference in how long it effectively stays and quickly they start to work.

Levita is considered one of the effectual ED drug in treating erectile dysfunction in men. Which starts its effectively after 30 minutes of consumption and show its effect for about 5 hours. The active chemical ingredients present is vardenafil hydrochloride. Impotence in men caused by insufficiency of blood supply to the particular area. This PDE5 inhibitor makes a high flow of blood flow to men’s reproductive organ.

What are the warnings and precaution for Levitra use?

  • Your medical history and medicine you’re taking should be properly checked by a health professional before ED treatment.
  • It can be used only for men above 18 years and not women or children
  • Keep away from children and store at a room temperature.
  • Take Levitra medication only with a valid prescription and consuming it orally is strictly prohibited
  • Consult with your doctor if you have health issues such as chest pain, heart attack, low or high blood pressure level, vision problem or allergies on your skin.

Avoid taking other ED medicines when taking Levitra, consuming alcohol and grapefruits and its related products.

There are several medications available for erectile dysfunction problem in men. Based on your health condition and level of problem you can take the medicine that is prescribed to you. You can also switch other drugs by getting advice from your health physicians. You can buy Levitra from online pharmacies or through local medical shops near your area.

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