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Is Provigil causes Side Effects?

Provigil is one of the strongest smart drugs available to treat ADHD symptoms, Narcolepsy, and other various medical conditions which require improved concentration. Generally, the medical community referred to Provigil as a safe drug, but Provigil also produces negative reactions as like other medications and some of the reported side effects have been mentioned below.

Though Provigil causes many side effects, here you could find certain side effects which are most common and regularly appearing to the consumers.


headachesThe most commonly experienced side effect of Provigil is headaches. It has been assessed in a couple of surveys that the same number of as half of all Provigil clients encounter headaches sooner or later when taking the medication.

The correct reason for these head pains is as yet obscure, as it has not been examined specifically, but rather it makes sense that hoisted Histamine levels could be having an effect on everything. The pathophysiology behind it is as still being considered. However, it has been watched that raised Histamine levels can cause bunch head pains.

One more theory proposed that a few patients have is that due to the focus and concentration that caused by Provigil. You may neglect to drink appropriate levels of water for the duration of the day, which leads you towards dehydration and consequent headaches. Setting cautions for the duration of the day to remind yourself to remain hydrated could help.

Digestive Upsets

digestive upsetsNausea is the second most experienced side effects of the medication. Likewise, some people report a few more side effects such as stomachache, heartburn, vomiting, and sometimes indigestion. Other users reported that the drug has not caused any potential effects at the time of intake, but later they had diarrhea.

The correct reason for these indications can fluctuate from one individual to another individual. For a few people, it just descends to their physiology and not having the capacity to deal with the medication appropriately. In some cases, lower measurements of dose may help. However, this is not the situation for everybody.

According to healthcare professionals, lack of hydration might be the cause of digestive upsets. Thus, one of the key advice to avoid this side effect is to keep well hydrated by means of that patients can avoid or minimize digestive upsets caused by Provigil.


anxiety issuesAfter the intake of Provigil, some people have experienced a feeling of nervousness and anxiety. While individuals with anxiety issues might be marginally more prone to encounter this condition, there are numerous patients reports from individuals with existing anxiety disorder likewise report this negative effects occurring.

According to the researcher’s point of view, these side effects might be because of the fact the Provigil may influence the neurotransmitter GABA levels in the central nervous system.

A few recommendations in order to enhance the condition of anxiety including taking a lower dose for some time and checking whether the indications make any strides. It has likewise been prescribed by patients to abstain from taking caffeine with Provigil in the event that you have this negative effect.

Loss of Appetite and Weight

sudden weight loss

Loss of appetite is also one of the most common side effects of Provigil that may lead a person to weight loss. Patients who have taken this medication reported that they do not have a feeling of hungry after the intake of the drug, while others reported that they started to be so focused or concentrated on their works so that they forget to eat.

This loss of craving can thusly prompt weight reduction. While weight reduction might be viewed as an advantage to a few but it is not good for many. There are some people who are using Provigil as a weight loss pill, but they use it along with proper exercise and diet control. Losing weight without eating is not a safe and healthy as well.

The best way to approach this weight loss side effect is to schedule your meal plan throughout the day. Setting notification for a break, drink, and eat throughout the day will make you eat regularly as well as keep you hydrated.

Back Pain

severe back painWhen taking Provigil, some patients have reported with severe pain in the back, shoulder, and neck. This side effect does not give off an impression of being a physiological reaction to the medication itself, in spite of the fact that that has not been tried and cannot be ruled out. The immense concentration and focus is the ability which caused by Provigil in patients.

Numerous clients report that when they take a dose of Provigil that they can without much of a stretch take a seat and work constantly for quite a long time with large amounts of concentration and focus. By means of that they can finish a great set of work, and equally, it causes some physical effects on the body.

Make sure whether you work chair has an appropriate lumbar support if so, then you will be able to sit and work for longer hours. Otherwise, taking a short break such as get up and move on during your work will help you to get away from back and neck pain.

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