Modafinil Working Procedure

Individuals, especially students and teenagers, are always in need for an energy booster that will increase their energy levels or make them more alert. Therefore, they always search for energy drinks like Red Bull, and sometimes, even resort to wakefulness drugs. However, wakefulness drugs like the Modafinil (Provigil) or alertness-boosting drugs often make them highly dependent on those drugs. As a consequence, people are becoming more and more drug addicted.

The Nootropics:

But, in this scenario, there are a few chemical compositions that have been able to increase the energy levels, boost the cognition levels, maintain a good mood and help you in staying attentive and sharp. These are called Nootropics. Amongst these cognitive enhancing drug supplements, one of the most commonly used one is Modafinil.

About Modafinil (Provigil):

Whether Modafinil truly is a brain supplement or Nootropic or not, is a question to be debated. Still, the benefits and properties of this supplement truly match those of the other Nootropics. This “smart drug – Provigil” can –

  • Support memory
  • Improve performance
  • Make you more attentive
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Treat Alzheimer
  • Motivate your mood
  • Enhance your cognitive powers
  • Help you in focusing.

Those, who have been suffering from Narcolepsy, a chronic drowsiness or a lack of sleep and excessive fatigue, are highly benefited with this “smart drug”. It can improve their performance and help them perform it better, with more energy and alertness.

When does Modafinil start working?

Users have also commented that it takes about an hour and a half for this drug to kick in its effects completely. Hence, if you want to know how long does it take for Modafinil to work, you need to take it on the proper time, by when you need your fatigue and sleepiness to disappear or subside, the dosage and the time of taking Modafinil are important factors. Starting off with 200 mg of Provigil a day is the best dose. Depending on the effectiveness, you can increase the dose a little further.

There are also people, who report that this drug has started working as early as within 25 to 40 minutes after taking it. This is mostly the case, when this Nootropic is taken during breakfast. This helps the drug in being metabolized along with the food and it starts working faster.

The half-life of Modafinil:

modafinilNow that it is being considered as a Nootropic drug or an energy15-boosting“smart drug”, it is a question, why Modafinil is chosen over the other Nootropic drugs. The reason simply is because of the half-life of this drug. The impacts or effects of this drug will last for about an entire day. In fact, if you take it in the right time, it will even work into the night, by potentially keeping you alert and awake by then. This means that if you take it late during a day, you will be able to stay awake even by night and this is helpful for those, who want to utilize their night work sessions. However, on the other hand, Provigil can lead to insomnia and disrupt the sleeping patterns. Some people suggest Provigil should be purchased from online pharmacies so that the drug can be real and it can work effectively. If you are wondering about whether purchase of Provigil without Rx is legal or not from internet drugstores, then you can read the following blog to know your answer:

Research studies from the initial administration have proven that the half-life of this drug is 12 to 15 hours. This is a very long time and this is the amount of time that the drug requires to be eliminated from the bloodstream. Hence, the effects stay in the person for such long hours.