Modafinil for SAD

How Effective Is Modafinil For Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Conventional treatment techniques may not always work for all people as every individual processes medication differently. This theory wholly applies to the drug Modafinil which was initially approved for treating narcolepsy but now has so many off-label uses for which the drug is highly effective in treating these different conditions. After discovering that there are many uses for this drug, Provigil is being prescribed more often off-label and also studied further as a viable treatment option for other health problems.

How Modafinil helps patients with SAD?

Of the many off-label uses of Provigil, one such use is for the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is a type of depression. Doctors do prescribe Provigil for SAD as the drug was shown to be highly effective in treating patients with this condition. SAD is a type of depressive disorder where the patient undergoes a period of depression during a particular season at the same time every year. Of all the seasons, the ‘winter blues’ is the one that is most common, especially in countries that experience severe winters.

People affected with this condition tend to have difficulty getting out of bed, crave for high-carb foods, sleep too much, overeat, distance oneself from friends and family, lack energy, loss of interest in life, reduced sex drive, and have mood swings. Symptoms may also include anxiety, irritability, weight loss, and trouble sleeping. These signs usually depend on the season and the individual experiencing them. With the help of Modafinil pills, many of these effects may be easily overcome.

How Provigil works for SAD?

Provigil’s working mechanism may be unknown but it is very effective in improving the sleep-wake cycle. For people with SAD, sleeping too much and the inability to get out of bed can be dealt with by using these Modafinil pills. The drug alleviates the feeling of fatigue and helps the individual to feel more awake. With the wakefulness-promoting effect of Modafinil, the SAD patient will also feel more energetic.

Treatment for SAD usually involves other techniques to get the person to come out of the face of depression. Modafinil can actually complement these methods as the person would have more energy to perform any tasks required of them. The feeling that they do not want to perform their regular tasks vanishes. Those who have difficulty and anxiety in managing the daylight hours available during winter can also brush these effects aside with Provigil. The drug may also work as an alternative to light therapy and the use of antidepressants.

Why Provigil is more suitable for SAD?

Compared with antidepressants, Provigil does not have severe side effects or cause addiction. The drug can be habit-forming is the dose is not regulated, which should be taken only at the exact amount set by the health concern provider. Before purchase Provigil for SAD, check with your doctor to ensure that it is safe to take for your condition. Since Provigil drug is a wakefulness-promoting agent, it is important to take the drug as early in the day as possible. Learn about other such important Modafinil information by consulting with your doctor beforehand.

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