Take Smart Pill Adderall Boost To Brain Power

Adderall is a stimulant and it consists of amphetamine salts. These include amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It works as a stimulant for the central nervous system and increases the concentration, focus levels as well as attention span. The drug is also used in the treatment of fatigue as well as sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or when the person feels sleepy during the day and is unable to keep awake. Adderall is given to enhance energy for those with fatigue conditions. Take Adderall to boost your brain power as it is a smart pill to activate your brain activity.

The drug is primarily prescribed for people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or simply ADHD. People who are suffering from ADHD problem needs to get hold of this drug quickly in order to reduce the effect of the disease. Hence, they can opt for reputed online pharmacies to purchase the drug in order to reduce the symptoms of ADHD disorder. Moreover, it is found that Adderall enhances the cognitive skills in people and people are able to function better and get more committed to their work due to increased brain power.

What is the effect of Adderall in the brain?

Adderall, when it is absorbed into the bloodstream, is passed on through the central nervous system and then it goes up to the brain with the help of the neurons. There the storage areas of the brain are targeted. These storage areas hold dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine neurotransmitters. These are the hormones which are called catecholamines. These are a vital part of the response system to stress and are released only when there is a lot of stress or excitement and in these circumstances, additional focus, as well as energy, is required.

When this adrenergic system is activated artificially, the Adderall causes the neurotransmitters to be released into the central nervous system and so the heart rate and blood pressure are both increased, and there is more alertness, as well as attention and the person, has higher energy levels and it leads to them having enhanced powers of concentration.

How does Adderall Help?

  • Adderall helps as it increases the levels of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine.
  • It helps those who have a poor memory, those who suffer from impulsiveness, inattentiveness as well as mood swings – which are normally seen in people who have ADHD.
  • It also makes people feel more mentally clear and alert.
  • These smart drugs do not make people smarter but they make them think they are doing better and performing better. The reason for this is that the medication increases the dopamine which is a neurotransmitter which takes care of the reward system and so the person feels slightly euphoric. Therefore, even if the participants have not done better on tests, they feel they have done so.
  • It is found that if the drug is taken the memorization skills are improved but the working memory may not have much improvement. Nor is there a change seen in the ability to manipulate different information or hold different information.

How effective is Adderall for ADHD?

Adderall or the amphetamine salts work in the body to affect the nervous system and the brain. This drug can also have dangerous side effects. The symptoms are usually mild which includes a headache or stomach ache. At times, the drug can cause some severe side effects like heart problems, seizures, and shortness of breath, hallucinations or behavioral changes.

Anyone can experience these Adderall side effects, though it depends according to the person’s health condition. These effects might take place when one does not follow the doctor’s advice properly. The drug increases the quantity of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. This is the reason why a lot of people who use this drug for non-medical purposes often experience the euphoric effect. Therapeutic use of Adderall medication could lead to addiction. Therefore, one should use this med only as indicated without deviating the guidelines laid forth by the doctor.

Who can take Adderall to boost brain power?

It is usually taken by those who want to do well at University or at college. It is also taken by those who want to be alert and have full concentration levels when cracking business deals, doing large transactions or are dealing with important clients or vendors. Adderall pill is also taken by those who are unable to get their required hours of sleep and still need to be alert and function normally.

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How Effective Is Modafinil For Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Conventional treatment techniques may not always work for all people as every individual processes medication differently. This theory wholly applies to the drug Modafinil which was initially approved for treating narcolepsy but now has so many off-label uses for which the drug is highly effective in treating these different conditions. After discovering that there are many uses for this drug, Provigil is being prescribed more often off-label and also studied further as a viable treatment option for other health problems.

How Modafinil helps patients with SAD?

Of the many off-label uses of Provigil, one such use is for the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is a type of depression. Doctors do prescribe Provigil for SAD as the drug was shown to be highly effective in treating patients with this condition. SAD is a type of depressive disorder where the patient undergoes a period of depression during a particular season at the same time every year. Of all the seasons, the ‘winter blues’ is the one that is most common, especially in countries that experience severe winters.

People affected with this condition tend to have difficulty getting out of bed, crave for high-carb foods, sleep too much, overeat, distance oneself from friends and family, lack energy, loss of interest in life, reduced sex drive, and have mood swings. Symptoms may also include anxiety, irritability, weight loss, and trouble sleeping. These signs usually depend on the season and the individual experiencing them. With the help of Modafinil pills, many of these effects may be easily overcome.

How Provigil works for SAD?

Provigil’s working mechanism may be unknown but it is very effective in improving the sleep-wake cycle. For people with SAD, sleeping too much and the inability to get out of bed can be dealt with by using these Modafinil pills. The drug alleviates the feeling of fatigue and helps the individual to feel more awake. With the wakefulness-promoting effect of Modafinil, the SAD patient will also feel more energetic.

Treatment for SAD usually involves other techniques to get the person to come out of the face of depression. Modafinil can actually complement these methods as the person would have more energy to perform any tasks required of them. The feeling that they do not want to perform their regular tasks vanishes. Those who have difficulty and anxiety in managing the daylight hours available during winter can also brush these effects aside with Provigil. The drug may also work as an alternative to light therapy and the use of antidepressants.

Why Provigil is more suitable for SAD?

Compared with antidepressants, Provigil does not have severe side effects or cause addiction. The drug can be habit-forming is the dose is not regulated, which should be taken only at the exact amount set by the health concern provider. Before purchase Provigil for SAD, check with your doctor to ensure that it is safe to take for your condition. Since Provigil drug is a wakefulness-promoting agent, it is important to take the drug as early in the day as possible. Learn about other such important Modafinil information by consulting with your doctor beforehand.

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Provigil Working Procedure

Individuals, especially students and teenagers, are always in need for an energy booster that will increase their energy levels or make them more alert. Therefore, they always search for energy drinks like Red Bull, and sometimes, even resort to wakefulness drugs. However, wakefulness drugs like the Modafinil (Provigil) or alertness-boosting drugs often make them highly dependent on those drugs. As a consequence, people are becoming more and more drug addicted.


Nootropics are used for the cognitive enhancement in people. They are the “smart drugs” and are particularly used for improving the memory, motivations, creativity and some other executive functions

But, in this scenario, there are a few chemical compositions that have been able to increase the energy levels, boost the cognition levels, maintain a good mood and help you in staying attentive and sharp. Amongst these cognitive enhancing drug supplements, one of the most commonly used and the best nootropics is Modafinil (Provigil).

About Provigil:

Whether Modafinil(Provigil) truly is a brain supplement or Nootropic or not, is a question to be debated. Still, the benefits and properties of this supplement truly match those of the other Nootropics. This “smart drug – Provigil” can –

  • Support memory
  • Improve performance
  • Make you more attentive
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Treat Alzheimer
  • Motivate your mood
  • Enhance your cognitive powers
  • Help you in focusing.

Those, who have been suffering from Narcolepsy, a chronic drowsiness or a lack of sleep and excessive fatigue, are highly benefited with this “smart drug”. It can improve their performance and help them perform it better, with more energy and alertness.

Also, various research are still going on this drug, which are in the field of ADHD, Weightloss, Schizophrenia,  and for post-chemotheraphy cognitive impairment.

How Long does it take for Provigil to start working?

Users have also commented that it takes about an hour and a half for this drug to kick in its effects completely. Hence, if you want to know how long does it take for Modafinil to work, you need to take it on the proper time, by when you need your fatigue and sleepiness to disappear or subside, the dosage and the time of taking Modafinil are important factors. Starting off with 200 mg of Provigil a day is the best dose. Depending on the effectiveness, you can increase the dose a little further.

There are also people, who report that this drug has started working as early as within 25 to 40 minutes after taking it. This is mostly the case when this Nootropic is taken during breakfast. This helps the drug in being metabolized along with the food and it starts working faster.

The half life of Provigil:

Now that it is being considered as a Nootropic drug or an energy boosting “smart drug”, it is a question, why Modafinil is chosen over the other Nootropic drugs. The reason simply is because of the half-life of this drug. The impacts or effects of this drug will last for about an entire day. In fact, if you take it in the right time, it will even work into the night, by potentially keeping you alert and awake by then. This means that if you take it late during a day, you will be able to stay awake even by night and this is helpful for those, who want to utilize their night work sessions. However, on the other hand, Provigil can lead to insomnia and disrupt the sleeping patterns. Research studies from the initial administration have proven that the half-life of this drug is 12 to 15 hours. This is a very long time and this is the amount of time that the drug requires to be eliminated from the bloodstream. Hence, the effects stay in the person for such long hours.

Where to Buy Provigil? – Suggestions

There are many pharmacies are available to provide Provigil for sale,  however, it is always important to know that what you buy are worth for the cost that you spend. Some people suggest Provigil should be purchased from authenticated online pharmacies like Buyprovigilrx.com so that the drug can be real and it can work effectively. even if you are not having the valid prescription to buy Provigil online, do not have to worry about that, the online pharmacies would also provide you with such facility too. Read the blog once or twice, understand the purpose and the working of the drug and make use of it.




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Is It True That Adderall Abuse Is On The Rise In US?

Adderall, the drug-containing active ingredients such as dextro-amphetamine and amphetamine are often prescribed for conditions like boost brain power, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy. They are basically central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves, which contribute to hyperactivity disorder. People who are prescribed this pill can opt for reputed online pharmacies for buying Adderall online to get hold of the drug in authentic quality to start their course of treatment with the drug.

Which fraction of the population is most prone to Adderall abuse?

Abuse and emergency room visits have dramatically increased in case of this pill while prescriptions of the drug have not budged at all. This is especially common amongst young adults of the age groups 18 to 25, who primarily gain access to the medication through friends and family without a doctor’s prescription or recommendation.

A group study conducted by the John Hopkins University found that 60% of non-medical usage of Adderall drug was prevalent amongst the 18 to 25-year-olds. In the study’s focus period from 2006 to 2011, it was observed that non-prescribed use of the smart drugs by the young adults went up by 67% and emergency visits by this group also went up 156%. Over a similar time period, the regular treatment for genuine medical conditions for this group remained unchanged.

This was less of a problem for the younger adolescents for whom emergency visits declined by 54% and non-medical usage remained stable. About one in three college goers are estimated to using Adderall without a prescription, and the rates don’t seem to be slowing down at all. The rates of high-school non-medical users have stabilized over the last five years. It is estimated that nearly 7.5% of high school students are known to suffer from the abuse of Adderall which comes out to nearly 300,000 students annually!

Why is Adderall misused in the first place?

It is known to be habit forming which accentuates the issue of misuse amongst its users. It is also known to cause issues of dependency and tolerance in the body. The user may have to consume excessive amounts of the drug to feel any difference; also their bodies become so excessively dependent on higher Adderall dosage and begin performing sub-optimally.

Is there a way to prevent Adderall abuse?

The primary reason amongst abusers was found to be drug diversion- people taking medication that is prescribed to someone else. Physicians need to be aware of what’s happening and take steps to prevent it. Adderall prescriptions should be entered into a database in order to avoid “doctor shopping” where patients get multiple prescriptions from different physicians usually with the motive of selling or distributing the drugs illegally. Also, further issue of the drug should be scrutinized in a similar manner like any other painkillers available in the market today.

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Treatment Of Apathy In Alzheimer’s Disease With Provigil

Provigil is a medicine that is used for a lot of diseases.  Although, this med works in the many ways. The most common use of this drug is in treating sleep apnea or narcolepsy. It has also been approved by FDA for the treatment of narcolepsy and sleep disorders. Apathy is the most common neuropsychiatric symptom which was reported among individuals with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), affecting approximately 70 % of people in the mild-to-moderate stages and increasing in severity as the illness progresses. This lack of interest problem is more common in other dementing illnesses and it may even occur in a considerable number of patients who are suffering from mild cognitive impairment. It is associated with functional caregiver distress and impairment at all levels of disease severity.

This condition is an actual medical diagnosis that can be made in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and even those who have other brain degenerative diseases. The condition is deemed to occur from a disconnect between the circuitries in the brain. Health Concerns researchers discovered that apathy is not always attributable to cognitive impairment, emotional stress, or even a reduction in consciousness. As the condition is deemed medical, it makes sense to look for approaches that are medicinal and not just non-medical treatment techniques.

Let’s see if Provigil can be used to treat apathy in patients with Alzheimer’s or not.

Provigil in treating Apathy

provigil pillsAlthough the neurobiological basis of apathy remains to be fully elucidated, dysfunction in frontal systems is thought to be important. The best way to determine if purchase Provigil will help you treat this problem is by first knowing the type of dementia you are suffering from. Provigil drug can treat the issue but to an extent. There are many other treatments that can be used to treat apathy in Alzheimer’s, but Provigil can also be taken along with some other activity.

It treats a people’s apathy completely, he/she should be given a direction through which they can discover themselves. But, this is very difficult when the person is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Most of the people seep into this unenthusiasm the moment they come to know about their Alzheimer’s. But, they should not lose control. They should do their best to keep their own leash in their hands and try to maintain full body control.

As a potential treatment for apathy, Provigil provides the kind of mental attention required to take an interest in the activities around the patient. Alzheimer’s patients experienced vastly improved focus and attention with Provigil, and this, in turn, helps to overcome the symptoms of apathy. The healthcare providers should take care to only prescribe the suitable dosage as the effects vary from one person to the other, especially in the elderly. The drug would still be safe to consume as it does not have a high potential for abuse or addiction. The drug definitely works to deal with the symptoms and can be prescribed for the same according to the doctor’s discretion.

While treating Apathy using Provigil

Provigil can be used to treat apathy in Alzheimer’s, but if used independently it has very little chances of working properly. Anyways, the treatment is worth a shot, and you should try getting it to treat apathy. Apart from this, it is a mental condition, and the things are very unpredictable in this department. Anything can happen in your brain. Provigil medicine will alter some chemicals in the brain. This may help you treat the problem, but it is not guaranteed. There are some side effects to its use, but they have been observed in a very small amount of patients. There are many other treatments that can be used to treat your apathy, but popping a Provigil pill is a good way to treat it too.

Important note


Just keep yourself attached to the Provigil dosage which is being prescribed to you by your doctor and you will notice some changes after some weeks of Provigil treatment.  However, Provigil half-life which could longer lasting in the body. The main thing to remember is to get authentic Provigil pills while purchasing this drug. Since Provigil drug is used by many people to treat various problems, some online pharmacies sell fake Provigil to people. Hence, it is highly advised by physicians to opt for reputed Canadian online pharmacies which sell authentic FDA approved drugs to people at an affordable price.

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