Best home remedies for acid reflux

home remedies for acid refluxAlmost a majority of adults experience heartburns during their lifetime. Heartburn is characterized by a burning sensation behind your breastbone that is uncomfortable which can rise up even to your throat. This pain at times could even become serious where people mistake it to be the heart attack. Acid Reflux is basically caused due to the excessive acid in your stomach and to treat it, physicians prescribe acidity relief drugs for you. Though over the counter and prescription medications are available at ease, heartburn sensations can often be dealt with natural remedies. Lifestyle changes are also a requisite to ease acid reflux in your stomach so as to live worry free, healthy and happy.

Try any or all of the below-mentioned remedies that could be taken from home to get away with acid reflux.Below listed remedies can be inferred to as the healthy living recipes;

Baking soda

A spoonful of baking soda aka sodium bicarbonate will be helpful to relieve the burning sensation and heartburn caused by acid reflux. Baking soda is known to have a pH level that is higher than 7.0 because of which it is able to neutralize the acid caused in your stomach. Drink half a spoon of baking soda mixed to one glass of water whenever you have heartburn sensations. Your dosage of baking soda should not exceed seven and a half spoon for a day and should also not be used too frequently as the excess salt content in sodium bicarbonate can cause side effects such as swelling or nausea.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is supposed to have a calming effect and does away the irritation and heartburns inside the stomach. It works efficiently by treating acid reflux. Drinking a cup of fresh ginger tea will help to soothe the stomach ailments as it acts as an acid buffer. Crush a small piece of ginger and add it to two cups of water, leave it aside for about half an hour. As the nutrients of ginger are absorbed by the water, filter it and consume 20 minutes before having a meal. This will help to normalize your heartburns and acid reflux.

Munch on Almonds:

A newer study believes that having a few almonds whenever you feel stomach irritation or heartburns will actually help to diminish these problems. Have 2 to 3 almonds every time you take food to get away with acid reflux and have a healthy stomach and healthy life.

Avoid alcohol/ tobacco

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can cause severe damages to your stomach. This will increase your heartburns rapidly. The nicotine you inhale from cigarettes weakens your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) making the reflux to easily rise up to the esophagus. The only possible solution to this is to quit both alcohol and cigarettes to let your stomach relieve the excess acids and avoid heartburns.

Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera helps to tackle heartburn as it has the ability to reduce inflammation. Having half a glass of aloe juice when you feel stomach irritation or acid rising to esophagus will help to alleviate the pain instantly. Aloe has with it a laxative component which can induce bowel movements, so keep in mind to have the aloe juice in limited quantity when you wish to use this remedy to ease your heartburns.

Banana and apple

As banana consists of natural antacids in them, they are able to act as a buffer against acid reflux. The simplest home remedy to do away with acid reflux is eating a ripened banana as it acts in your body and soothes your stomach. Discomforts caused due to acid reflux could also be dealt effectively by eating an apple before bedtime.