Michael Castleman

Michael CastlemanMichael castleman is a San francisco-based journalist, who has written about sexuality and sex research for nearly 36 years. Over the years, he has answered more than 10,000 sex questions for Playboy, WebMD and other magazines and sites. He has also done them for free on GreatSexGuidance.com, a website that he publishes. As a result, Mr Castleman has been called as “one of the Nation’s top health writers,” by Library Journal. He also specialises in optimal health, mainstream medicine, alternative therapies, nutrition and fitness. Among many articles that he has written for various sites, the best ones include Psychology Today, the New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Playboy, Health, Self, Natural health and Men’s Health. These works eventually yielded him nominations, twice, for National magazine Awards. His latest book on sexuality, Great sex: The Man’s Guide to Whole-Body Sensuality (Rodale, 2008), was nominated as best sexuality book of the year by the American Association of sex Educators and counsellors and Therapists.

Castelman’s books have been selected by many book clubs including the Book of the Month Club. The following include a few of the13 books that he has written.

1. Building Bone Vitality (McGraw-Hill 2009)
2. Great Sex (Rodale, paperback 2008)
3. There’s Still a Person in There (about Alzheimer’s disease, Putnam, 2000)
4. Nature’s cures (Rodale, 1996)
5. Before you call the doctor (Ballantine, 1992)
6. The healing Herbs (Rodale, 3rd Edition 2010)
Among these books, Nature’s cures was nominated by the American library Association as the Best Health Book of the Year.

Though, most of his books have been under the non-fiction category, Castleman went off-road and published three mystery novels in the name of, The Lost gold of San Francisco, Killing in Real Estate and Killer Weed. All of these books are available on Amazon.com, or anyone who wishes to read these books can simply visit mcastleman.com.
In his 3 decade long career, he says he enjoys skiing, scuba diving, and American roots music festivals, especially JazzFest in New Orleans. He is married with two grown children.